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Mountain Monk Consulting Celebrates 10 Years with Archtrix: A Milestone event for Architects, and Interior Designers

On the momentous occasion of our 10th anniversary, Mountain Monk Consulting proudly celebrated with Archtrix, hosting an exclusive event tailored for architects and interior designers. Ashfaq Calcuttawala, Founder & CEO of Mountain Monk Consulting, expressed the significance of this unique event, aiming to give back to the community, gain insights from industry leaders, and foster growth wi...

Who is your target audience and how to reach them

A business's target audience can vary depending on its products or services and its nature. Based on factors such as demographics, interests, behaviors, and needs, a business may target one or multiple target audiences. It is essential for the company to identify and understand the specific groups of people that will be most likely to be interested and benefit from its products and services

In ...

Strategic Planning for Long-Term Success

In this blog, we will examine important tactics and ideas that can position your company for long-term success while assisting you in navigating the ever-changing business environment. Let's start now!

Putting the Pieces Together: The Value of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning that is effective offers a road map for the development of your company. We'll go over why it's crucial to match y...

Revolutionizing Indian Retail through Digital Transformation

Case Study: Titan Company Limited

Titan Company Limited, a leading Indian consumer goods company, has successfully leveraged digital transformation to revolutionize the retail industry. Get an insight into the company's digital transformation here:

The Challenge: As a renowned brand operating in a highly competitive market, Titan faced the challenge of meeting changing customer expectations...

Data-Driven Decision Making: Using Analytics for Strategic Growth

Organizations can benefit immensely from data abundance in today's digital age. In this blog, we introduce the concept of data-driven decision-making, emphasizing its advantages and why it should be integral to every growth strategy.

The Role of Analytics in Strategic Growth:

Analytical insights enable organizations to transform raw data into valuable insights. The benefits of analytics ...